Leech Peek Copper Lens

€ 60,00

Clean futuristic cuts for ultra contemporary dressing. Peek has a unisex lightweight frame that provides comfort, flexibility and durability. The eyewear has a close fit to prevent natural light getting in from any sides. We also fitted a AntiReflection Coating to high up the quality of the lens.
The white frame makes the eyewear a lot cooler than many eyewears on the market.

Lens Coating you get with this model.
Hydrophobic Coating
This treatment weakens surface tension to facilitate run-off of water droplets from the lens surface. It reduces visual distortion arising when wearing Leech  sunglasses around water or in the rain. It also resists stains and repels grease and fingerprints, so cleaning your lenses is quicker and easier.

Antireflex Coating
Anti-reflective coating (also called AR coating or anti-glare coating) improves both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your eyeglasses.
The visual benefits of lenses with anti-reflective coating include sharper vision.
AR eliminates glare from sunlight reflecting into your eyes from the back surface of tinted lenses when the sun is behind you

Mirror Coating
Are strictly cosmetic and the wearer sees no difference in vision no matter what the coating colors are therefore looking at the lens from the outside in is the only way to tell the actual color of the mirror coating. Highly reflective reflex mirror coatings prevent the eyes of the wearer from being seen by others.

Scratch-Resistant Coating
Through all the advancements in eyeglass lens coatings, eyeglass lenses are still not scratch proof not even glass lenses. However, Leech eyeglass lenses are treated front and back with a clear, hard coating do become much more scratch resistant

Ultraviolet Treatment UV400
Keeps the sun's UV rays from harming your eyes

100% UVA, UVB and UVC Protection